Litigation is expensive and time consuming.  We know this all too well because our core experience comes from litigating contract and business disputes, and business transactions gone bad.  Our business-focused litigation experience shows that, when contracts were being negotiated and business transactions contemplated, proactive steps could have been taken that would have minimized the potential for and expense of destructive future litigation.

Our clients are business focused by nature.  We assist our clients to be litigation focused, as well.  The Frazer Firm helps clients with negotiating contracts and undertaking business transactions with a goal toward protecting against and mitigating future litigation risks.  Our business transactions counseling and contract negotiation practice includes:

  • Contract Negotiation
  • Pre-Litigation Review and Audit of Governing Documents
  • Review and Audit of Existing Contracts
  • Advising on Compliance with Existing Contracts
  • Counseling and Advising on Contemplated Business Transactions
  • Evaluation, Analysis of Employment Practices and other Business Operations
  • Business Sales and Acquisition Transactions
  • Shareholders Agreements and Operating Agreements
  • LLC and Corporate Business Formation

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Representative Matters

Pre-Litigation Contract Review:

Counseled corporate client on litigation risks associated with existing contract and represented client in pre-litigation resolution of dispute.

Advising on Contract Limitations:

Counseled corporate client on scope and limitations imposed by governing non-compete agreements.

Counseling on Contract Compliance:

Counsel new employees and corporate clients on compliance with governing non-compete agreements.

Contract Review:

Perform audit of business contracts, review, revise, and update contracts to better position and protect the business in the event of future disputes.

Contract Drafting and Negotiation:

Represent founders of pharmaceutical company in drafting and negotiating operating agreement and non-disclosure agreements to enable the launch of company’s new drug.

Sale of Business:

Represent owner of business in the sale of all company business assets to purchaser, including documenting and negotiating purchase and sale agreement and related asset transfer documents.

Sale of Medical Practice:

Represent doctor owner in the sale of pediatric medical practice.

Wind-up and Dissolution of Florida Corporation:

Represent Florida corporation in the winding up and dissolution of its business, including negotiation and resolution of creditor claims.

Commercial Lease Drafting and Negotiation:

Represent commercial landlord in the drafting and negotiation of lease for commercial space.

Sale of Business:

Represent owner of business in the sale of all company business assets to private equity purchaser, including documenting and negotiating purchase and sale agreement, related asset transfer documents, and new commercial lease agreement.