What Records do Shareholders Have a Right to See?

Pursuant to Chapter 607 of the Florida Statutes, corporate shareholders have a right to “view and copy” certain records. The right to view and copy corporate records is part of the overall bundle of rights enjoyed by shareholders in the State of Florida. In order to make informed decisions relating to a company own or…

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It’s Time to Breakup: A Guide to Expelling an LLC Member

Expelling an LLC Member

Breaking up is hard.  It’s usually not pretty.  What started out as a seemingly perfect business partnership has now grown toxic and trust has been lost.  If you start a business with others, it is necessary to be prepared for the relationship to sour at some point. In some ways, this is simply because the nature of business…

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What Happens When It’s Time to Close My Business?

General Overview Entity selection – the process of determining which entity to use when establishing a business – is one of the critical areas when starting a business. If a business owner chooses the “wrong” entity, it can have significant ramifications in the future. Similarly, there are also important considerations when closing – or dissolving…

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What Constitutes a Breach of Contract in Florida?

In the state of Florida, a breach of contract occurs when a party to a contract fails to perform one or more of their contractual obligations.  This can include the failure to pay on time, failure to complete a job or deliver goods by a specified time, substituting inferior products, and much more. A breach…

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Case Law Update – Taubenfeld v. Lasko

An Examination of Fiduciary Duties in a Closely–Held Corporation When business relationships turn sour, they can often become as bitter and unpleasant as the worst divorces. Some people like to think that business can be completely removed from personal feelings, but the truth is that business conflicts can often be very emotionally-charged. There may be many…

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New Florida State Sales Tax Law Governing Out-of-State Sellers

New Florida State Sales Tax Law Governing Out-of-State Sellers

The collection and remittance of sales tax by out-of-state sellers has been a prominent issue for many years. One of the main points of contention involved in this matter has been the treatment of out-of-state sellers with limited physical contact with the state in question. If an out-of-state seller has only minimal physical contact with a…

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President Biden’s Vaccine Mandate and Florida’s Response

President Bidens Covid 19 Vaccine Mandate

On September 13, President Biden issued an executive order that calls for private employers with 100 or more employees to obtain proof of vaccination, or proof of a negative COVID 19 test, from their workers. This measure is part of President Biden’s six-part “Action Plan” which is designed to combat the spread of the Delta variant and further maximize public safety. In…

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How to Protect Your Business in Remote Work Environments

Most entrepreneurial business owners would agree that the last year has brought about unexpected challenges. Many of the businesses that have survived this pandemic have done so because they’ve been able to adapt. Entrepreneurs need to actively seek to address problems and provide solutions that can protect their businesses, intellectual property, and people.    With the rise of…

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Basics of E-Discovery for Small Businesses

e discovery small business litigation

Electronic discovery, or “e-discovery,” is an increasingly important aspect of business litigation. Prior to the advent of the digital age, discovery consisted of physical documents being requested, collected, reviewed, and then potentially used in a litigation dispute.  Given the rise of information technology, and especially electronic file storage and cloud backup, physical documents often comprise a minor portion of relevant documents in…

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Domestication of Out-of-State Judgments under Florida Law

aerial photography of city during night time

In our previous post, we discussed the rules involved with enforcing a monetary judgment here in the State of Florida. As we saw, enforcing a judgment involves many steps, and these steps all need to be achieved properly. Potential creditors and potential debtors may be curious about how foreign (i.e. out-of-state) judgments are treated under…

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