We are proud to announce a complete win for our business client and principal in a recent legal battle before the Palm Beach County Circuit Court.


The case was brought by an investor member of the firm’s LLC client, alleging fraud, breach of contract, equitable claims, and civil theft related to a real estate venture in Texas for which the LLC was established. Plaintiffs brought additional claims against the LLC manager and founding principal, both of whom were also represented by The Frazer Firm.


Taking an aggressive stance, the firm filed a dispositive motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim and for improper venue. Following thorough briefing and argument, the Court granted the firm’s motion to dismiss in full and dismissed the action in its entirety. The Court found that the action – including all contract, tort, and equitable claims – should have been brought in Texas, pursuant to a forum selection clause in the LLC Operating Agreement. Moreover, the Court ruled that the Plaintiffs failed to state meritorious claims against the LLC manager and founding principal.


We are thrilled with the Court’s decision in favor of our clients. This victory not only reinforces the firm’s commitment to providing comprehensive legal services but also highlights our experience in navigating complex business disputes.  The firm expresses gratitude for the opportunity to achieve this remarkable win for its clients and remains dedicated to delivering outstanding results for businesses facing legal challenges.


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