For business owners in Florida, a general understanding of contract law is key. This knowledge helps make sure your contracts are both good for the company, but also legally valid – standing strong against potential disputes 

Our team at The Frazer Firm will assist you with the important aspects of Florida’s contract law, from regulations specific to our state to general contract nuances. Whether you’re starting a new venture or revising your contracts for the year ahead, The Frazer Firm is ready to help you protect your business. 


The Basics of Contract Creation 

In Florida, a contract is established through a simple but vital process: offer, acceptance, and exchange of value (consideration). This means that a contract comes into existence when one party presents a clear offer, and the other party accepts it, coupled with an exchange of something of value.  


While contracts can be verbal or written, the nature of the agreement and its content can often dictate the best format to use for legal validation. 


Statute of Frauds and Writing Requirement 

A critical aspect of Florida’s contract law is the Statute of Frauds. This requires certain types of contracts to be in writing for them to be enforceable. This includes agreements related to the sale of property, contracts that cannot be performed within a year, transactions involving substantial amounts of money, and contracts that involve taking on someone else’s debt.  

The aim here is to prevent fraud and misunderstandings by ensuring that significant agreements are documented and formalized. 


Importance of Clarity in Contract Terms 


For a contract to be enforceable, its terms must be clear and specific. Ambiguities or vague terms can possibly lead to disputes and potential legal challenges.  

Essential elements need to be explicitly stated such as: 

  • The identification of all parties, 
  • The subject matter of the contract, 
  • The agreed price or consideration, 
  • And other key details  


This clarity is crucial in protecting all parties and ensuring that the contract reflects their true intentions. 

Remember: for complex transactions, professional legal guidance is invaluable. An experienced lawyer can navigate the nuances of Florida’s current contract law, ensuring your contracts are not only legally sound but also align with your specific needs and objectives.  


Contract Cancellation Rights 

Florida law recognizes a cooling-off period for canceling certain types of contracts, typically within three days. However, this is not a blanket rule and applies only if stated in the contract or mandated by specific laws. 


For example, if you sign a contract for ongoing services, like a gym membership, or if you buy something through a home solicitation sale where the price is more than $25, you typically have this three-day period to cancel.  


However, this rule doesn’t universally apply to all contracts and transactions. For instance, it excludes real estate transactions, insurance contracts, and vehicle sales at temporary locations. Additionally, the rule does not cover sales under $25 for home solicitations or under $130 at temporary locations. Business-to-business transactions, online, mail, or phone sales are also not covered under this rule. 


Breaches of Contract 

When a party fails to fulfill their contractual obligations, it constitutes a breach of contract. In such cases, the non-breaching party can seek remedies, usually in the form of monetary damages.  

For unique situations, like those involving one-of-a-kind items or specific real estate, the court might compel the fulfillment of the original contractual terms. 


Contact The Frazer Firm to Protect Your Business 

A well-drafted contract does more than just lay out the terms of a business deal. It acts as a roadmap for how the agreement should proceed and a manual for what to do if things veer off course resulting in a dispute.  

From drafting tailored contracts to advising on dispute resolution strategies, The Frazer Firm is here to protect your business interests and ensure that your agreements are both compliant and advantageous.  

You can schedule a consultation by calling (561) 295-1551 or filling out our online contact form  


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