The Frazer Firm has extensive experience fiercely protecting the rights and interests of companies, business owners, executives, and individuals facing the challenges of complex business disputes and litigation.  Those challenges require creative, skilled, and practical counsel to navigate the business and legal risks that can arise from business operations, ownership changes, competition, and transactions. We represent clients in a wide range of complex business dispute litigation matters:

  • Partnership, Corporate, and LLC Member Disputes and Litigation
  • Shareholder Derivative Litigation
  • Contract Disputes, Fraud, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Negligence, and Business Tort Litigation
  • Business Transaction, Valuation, Asset Purchase, Acquisition, and Merger Disputes
  • Employment, Non-Competition and Trade Secret Disputes
  • Real Estate and Property Rights Litigation
  • Commercial Foreclosure Litigation
  • Commercial Lease Disputes and Litigation

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Representative Matters

Florida Regulatory Tax Dispute:

Represent publicly traded Fortune 500 wine distributor in sales tax dispute against the Florida Department of Revenue.

Contract and Insurance Litigation:

Represent purchaser of life insurance policy against claims of fraud brought by insured’s beneficiaries.

International Contract Litigation:

Represent importer in breach of contract action brought by foreign supplier.

LLC Member Dispute and Real Estate Litigation:

Represent founder of company in seeking judicial dissociation of LLC member alleged to have misappropriated company property requiring quiet title action on six separate parcels of property owned by LLC.

Judgment Enforcement and Bankruptcy Litigation:

Represent national property management company in litigation relating to association managed by company and resulting bankruptcy proceeding.

Business Divorce and Partnership Litigation:

Represent LLC member in bringing claims for damages and injunctive against other member for breach of fiduciary duty and fraud relating to other member’s self-dealing and misappropriation.

Business Fraud Litigation:

Represent former officer of large beverage company in litigation brought by former employer for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty.

Pre-Litigation Settlement of Non-Compete Dispute:

Represent former employee in the negotiation and resolution of claims by former employer of violation of non-compete and non-solicitation agreement permitting former employee to form and operate new business.

Shareholder Dispute:

Represent minority shareholder in dispute involving majority shareholder’s self-dealing and misappropriation of company assets.

LLC Member Dispute:

Represent member and manager of LLC against claims by minority member alleging failure to compliance with statutory obligations and exceeding authority.